Cereal4all in Miami with Lehrman Community Day School

Lehrman Mitzvah Club x Cereal4all

The students in the Lehrman Mitzvah Club are always doing good deeds for their community, so Cereal4all was honored to partner up with them for a Cereal4all Drive and Volunteer Day. We had a great meetup at the Kosher Food Bank in Miami, run by Jewish Community Services. We learned about all the amazing ways the food bank helps kids & families in need, including Holocaust Survivors, who it turns out love cereal as much as we do because it’s easy to prepare when cooking a meal isn’t an option.

A big thanks to the impressive students from Lehrman. There are tons of things kids can be doing on a Sunday, so choosing to spend their day volunteering says a lot about how awesomely compassionate the Lehrman students are. And thank you to Bonnie Schwartzbaum, Director of the Kosher Food Bank, for giving us all the opportunity to have such a meaningful day.