Empty Bowls Get Filled in Miami by Virginia A. Boone Highland Oaks Elementary School

Cereal4all had a truly fun and inspiring time with students at Virginia A. Boone Highland Oaks Elementary School during their Cereal4all Drive this February. We got to visit several classrooms to witness their amazing teachers and students in action and thank them for their generosity.

The school’s drive collected nearly 300 boxes of cereal to benefit the food bank at another remarkable place in North Miami Beach, FL–Joshua’s Heart Foundation, which has been dedicated to the fight against global hunger and poverty since 2005. All those boxes of cereal equal 3,000 bowls of breakfast for children & families served by Joshua’s Heart.

Cereal4all is honored to team up with Virginia A. Boone and Joshua’s Heart. We’re also grateful to school counselor, Ms. Insiya Jariwalla, who worked with us to make the drive happen. The more we team up with such great schools, the more we realize how important school counselors are to creating successful, compassionate students.