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Start a Cereal4all drive at your school or business!

It's easy, fun, and helps kids & families in your own community

Reach out to us atBocaCerealKids@gmail.com

Did you know breakfast food is one of the least donated items to food banks across the country? That means not all kids and families have daily access to breakfast in their home.

Cereal4all was founded by South Florida students in 2016. We were volunteering at Boca Helping Hands, an organization that offers food and job assistance to less fortunate families. At their food bank, we noticed a constant shortage of breakfast food donations.

Like most young people, cereal is one of our favorite foods. Cereal is about breakfast and starting off your day, but it’s also about happiness. We couldn’t stop thinking about the families in our community who couldn’t fill their bowls, and we wanted to do something about it.

The Cereal4all drive has turned into an amazing yearly event for schools and businesses. Students makes posters, give speeches, collect huge amounts of cereal for the less fortunate, and prove that young people are capable of enormous compassion for others.

What makes Cereal4all special? Most students truly love cereal, so it motivates them to think about the happiness and hunger needs of others in a very personal kind of way. This personal connection helps students become more involved in the well-being of their whole community.

Start a Cereal4all drive at your school, business or place of worship! There’s no better feeling than knowing you’re making a positive difference in somebody else’s life.

  — Jett, Luke, and the Cereal4all team

Cereal4all is perfect for school clubs, student governments, and community service hours